Cyber attacks are a threat for all companies

All companies, large and small, are affected by computer attacks. And all experts agree: the situation is not going to improve. The last two global cyber attacks (WannaCry and NotPetya) are the perfect example. A cyber attack can have serious consequences for the continuation of a company’s activities.  


How can companies keep workstations secure while browsing the web?

IT departments and users want to enjoy flexibility when browsing the web. But how can they guarantee the highest level of security at the same time? The answer could well be virtualization. More specifically, an entirely new type of web browser with an architecture that guarantees security above anything else, but also mobility. Security is a priority for any company […]


Serie: Was ist und was kann Enterprise File Sync Share? Teil 2: Sichere, digitale Zusammenarbeit

Enterprise File Sync and Share bezeichnet die Notwendigkeit, digitale Informationen und Daten, also etwa Protokolle, Berichte, Präsentationen oder Verträge schnell und hochsicher auszutauschen. Die digitale Zusammenarbeit über E-Mails ist wegen deren immanenter Sicherheitsrisiken und ungenügender Funktionaler Vollständigkeit, für den professionellen Gebrauch leider ungeeignet, z.B. fehlt die Versionierung und Synchronisierung der Daten. Dokumenten-Management-Systeme auch „DMS“, etwa Sharepoint bieten mehr Funktionen, sind […]

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